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2023 SGCPS
Membership Card

$15.00 Donation

Member Benefits:

  1. Heinz History Center admission - Since SGCPS is affiliated with the Sen. John Heinz History Center, our members have free admission to the History Center, Western PA Sports Museum, Fort Pitt Museum and the Meadowcroft Historic Village for up to four persons per visit.
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  2. Discounted price for items in the on-line St. George Store.

  3. A discount on admission to St. George events in 2023.

  4. Regular news updates to keep you informed and connected to the St. George Community.

  5. We'll mail your Welcome Package that includes your membership card and keepsake items of St. George Church.

2023 SGCPS Membership Card
$15.00 Donation

2023 St. George Calendar

11” X 17” wall calendar featuring a St. George photo for each month.

$12.00 Donation (includes 1st Class Shipping)

St. George Sketch

by Calvin Lynch

This 11” X 15” sketch is ready for matting/framing.

This 1960's era sketch was created by prominent local watercolorist Calvin Lynch.

To learn more about Mr. Lynch's work, visit

$12.00 Donation
(Includes 1st Class Shipping)

Membership Card Price:
$10.00 Donation