Annual Report


January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023

In 2015, a group of parishioners incorporated the St. George Church Preservation Society (SGCPS), a PA nonprofit, IRS 501(c)(3). Their mission was to protect and maintain the former St. George Church (St. John Vianney) in Pittsburgh's Allentown neighborhood. Parishioners also launched an appeal to the Vatican in order to protect the church.

Through fund-raising and pledges, the SGCPS prepared to join in a co-operative effort to reopen and restore the church through a lease or ownership agreement. There are numerous Catholic churches around the Country that are successfully supported by similar arrangements.

During 2017, parishioners presented a detailed lease and business plan to the Diocese and in 2018, an ownership proposal was presented. These proposals described how the operation and restoration of the church could proceed at no cost to the Diocese. The proposals were declined.

In 2019, under the guidance of a canon lawyer in Rome, parishioners advanced the appeal process to the Apostolic Signatura (Supreme Court) at the Vatican and they continued to wait for a final decision.

SGCPS continued to reach out to network and seek support from the St. George Community of parishioners, former parishioners, alumni, the Allentown community, those of German heritage, the historic preservation community, and all of their family and friends.

A network of over 1450 individuals, businesses and organizations that make up the St. George & Allentown Community was formed.

In November, 2022, after a very long process, parishioners were notified that the Apostolic Signatura had rejected their appeal. In light of the disappointing decision, parishioners reached out once again to Bishop Zubik with an improved proposal to care for the church at no cost to the Diocese. That proposal was also declined.

In the meantime, SGCPS will continue their efforts to keep the St. George & Allentown Community connected through newsletters, fellowship events and the sale of items of memorabilia.

In 2023, SGCPS partnered with Mary, Queen of Peace Parish to repair and restore the WWII plaque that once was once located on St. George Church. A plan was developed to place the plaque on a new monument in the St. George section of St. John Vianney cemetery in Carrick. A dedicated parishioner from the Class of '66 has volunteered to perform the extensive repairs and restoration of the plaque. A very generous member of the Class of '68 will construct a monument where the memorial plaque will be placed where everyone including the descendants of the 1,071 parishioners who are named on the plaque can honor those who served. With approval of our major donors, proceeds from the SGCPS restoration fund will be used to cover the costs that will be incurred for the project.


Bob Kress, President

Andrea Evans, Secretary

Michele Mehrenberg, Treasurer

Barbra Kress

Chris Schiarelli

Sally Tupi

Janet Weiland

2023 Financial Report

Balance January 1, 2023: $88,008.97


Donations:           $10.00

Pledge payments:   $50.00

Fund-raising: $6440.09

Miscellaneous: $1366.69

Total revenue: $7866.78


WWII monument $2099.48

Advertising:     $50.00

Contributions:   $100.00

Memberships:   $125.00

Storage, accounting & misc: $1120.14

Postage:   $516.00

Printing:   $157.83

Fund-raising: $4035.11

Total expenses: $8203.49

Balance December 31, 2023: $87,672.19